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Making Moving Easier

Transportation is all about getting from point A to point B in the easiest and most affordable way possible while keeping cargo and freight intact and in good condition.

In some ways, it's about relationships – at Chronicle Freight Logistics, we value the open communications and dedication to customer service that make us a go-to for so many shipping customers and carriers around the country.

Our operations are based on the philosophy that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Over time, we have enhanced what we offer, to give our customers and other stakeholders more flexibility and scaling capacity as they work. Making plans into realities takes work, and the right support tools, tools that are intuitive and effective, are essential.

Online Operations

In another way, a lot of the transportation industry is about paperwork.

Shippers and drivers and others who have seen the industry change over the years know that there's been an awful lot of efficiency and automation of the kinds of paperwork that are needed to make delivery effective.

On our website, users can access a carrier packet to obtain DOT numbers and other information with the DAT On-Board system.

There's also a quick pay sheet and dispatch agreement that are both digitized so that anyone who needs them can get them on any device, anywhere. What experienced haulers know is that there’s no way around the documentation that has to occur, so any tool that helps to manage tracking or any other aspect of the process is valuable. For example, in the field of cold chain shipping, digitized records are often key to a consistent and workable process. Then in other types of transportation, details like those above require rigid attention to detail. Software tools and record-keeping repositories help. That’s why we have designed our web site and other aspects of our work the way that we have – for everyone’s benefit.

Financial Details

Another aspect of transportation is making sure that things are paid for, and that costs are covered before the freight starts rolling. We have a credit application process and a shipper saver program that are also both prominent on the website. Click in and learn more about how we verify the finances for shipments, and how we offer discounts and incentives to our customers.

Operating out of Victorville, California, Chronicle Freight Logistics is a top-tier shipping company with the tools and resources to support our customers projects. Take a look and let us know what we can do for you

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