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  • Will I lease under your authority or must I have my own?
    Either one! You can lease under the Chronicle banner and we will get you on a smooth path to operation. Or you can come with your own authority and we will keep your trucks rolling.
  • Do I need to spend any money out of pocket?
    There is nothing that we will require you to spend money out of pocket for. We are here to help you start making money with as little difficulty as possible. Nonetheless, there are initial expenses that contractors are responsible for.
  • Do you lease trucks or trailers?
    No, we do not have trucks or trailers available for lease at this time.
  • Do you offer dispatch service?
    Yes, we do.
  • Do I have to pay an insurance down payment?
    No, you do not. We will take care of that part and all you must pay is your weekly premium.
  • How much will I pay for Insurance
    Insurance rates vary based on driving record, vehicle and experience.
  • Will I have to get my own permits?
    Though we provide standard permits for you, if your operations requires any specialty permits then you must purchase them.
  • Can I do oversize loads?
    Of course! They pay great so we will help you to get what you need to pull em!
  • Can I have my own insurance?
    If you are leasing under our authority then you must operate under our insurance. However, you may carry your own commercial physical damage.
  • How long is orientation?
    It is completely at your pace! You can have orientation completed in as little as 2 days with dedication and a focus on safety first.
  • Do you hire non CDL Drivers
    Yes under certain circumstances. We will evaluate non CDL drivers on an individual basis?
  • What kind of trailer should I use ?
    This will depend on the current truck the driver has but if it is 3/4 tons it allows for a 30 ft trailer and if it is 1 ton it allows for 40 ft trailer.
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