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Do you have any accidents or violations?
Based on your answer we are unable to offer a lease contract. We encourage you to survey again once you have less than 1 violation. Thank you!
Which license class do you posses?
Do you currently posses a valid DOT medical card?
Could you pass a DOT physical?
Do you have a trailer?
Do you have your own diesel truck?
Does it have 150,000 miles or less?
Do you have OTR experience over 1000 miles single trip?
Do you have flatbed experience? Tarping, strapping, chaining and binding?
Are you 28 years or older?
Though not required, do you live near Los Angeles?
Can you pass a drug screen?
We have equipment for Class A drivers only. However, if you have your own equipment, we can get you started. Do you have your own equipment to start with?