Please Take Our Survey
This Is Not The 
Do you have any form of criminal conviction from the past 7 years?
Does the conviction relate to any of the followng?
Do you have any accidents or violations on your record within the past 3 years?
If you have an accident or violation we may offer an opportunity at a different percentage than the advertised 80/20. Do you understand?
Which license class do you posses?
We have equipment for Class A drivers only. However, if you have your own equipment, we can get you started. Do you have your own equipment to start with?
Non CDL applicants may be offered an opportunity at a different percentage then the advertised 80/20. Do you understand?
Based on your answer we are unable to offer a lease contract. We encourage you to survey again when you plan to become an owner operator within a 30 day time frame.
Do you currently posses a valid DOT medical card?
Could you pass a DOT physical?
Do you have a trailer?
Does it have a GVWR of 10,000 lbs or less?
If you are licensed in CA and do not hold a Class A CDL, your trailer GVWR must be 10,000 lbs or less. PLEASE BE AWARE.
Do you have your own diesel powered truck?
Do you plan to have one within the next 30 days?
Is it a 2015+ or have 100,000 miles or less?
Your total vehicle length while connected to a trailer must be less than 65 feet unless the vehicle is a Chasis Truck. Are you aware of this?
Do you have OTR experience over 1000 miles single trip?
Do you have flatbed experience? Tarping, strapping, chaining and binding?
Do you plan to work as a team?
If so, do you have a legal sleeper berth installed into your truck or do you plan on getting one?
Are you 26 years or older?
Are you 23 years or older?
Based on your answer we are unable to offer a lease contract. Thank you!
Although starting with Chronicle Logistics is 0 dollars out of pocket, do you have any funds to start up as an owner operator?
Do you have a plan to manage your business as an owner operator without sufficient reserve funds?
Can you pass a drug screen?
Chronicle Logistics is a trucking company which has an orientation platform used for recruiting drivers. If you are not approved by Chronicle then you may be approved by one of our certified partner carriers. Approval with Chronicle is often determined based on capacity and not soley on driver history.
If you have needs at home that will prevent you from being over the road for 2 weeks at a time, this opportunity very likely will not work for you. You will invest good money to get started only to learn that you are not earning money because you are unable to follow the money. We strongly suggest evaluating other opportunites if you can not be away from home multiple weeks at a time.