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Required Photos

This is page shows you examples of photos that you are required to submit the day you are ready for your first load. It is absolutely critical and important that your truck always has these items installed and displayed to avoid DOT violations.

Vehicle Sticker Placement (1) resize.jpg

Vehicle Markings

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulation (FMCSR) Section 390.21 regulates vehicle markings on commercial motor vehicles. Signs must be on both sides, including weight stickers.

Annual DOT Inspection.jpeg

Every commercial vehicle, including trailers requires yearly inspections. When getting an annual DOT Inspection from your local diesel shop, make sure they use this form only. They will have these forms to complete the inspection and give you a copy

Window Tint

Rear windows may be fully tinted however the front windows light transmission can not be restricted to less than 70 percent of normal,  FMCSR 393. This is very little tinting and may not be worth having so the best bet is to remove front window tint altogether


Fire Extinguisher Properly Mounted & Secured

FMCSR 393.95 regulates fire extinguishers. The fire extinguisher  must be mounted and secured. When shaken by hand it must not move otherwise it will be considered in violation,

Fire Extinguisher.jpg

3 Red Reflective Triangles 

FMCSR 393.95 regulates warning devices for stopped vehicles. You must carry 3 red reflective triangles at all times.

3 Red Reflective Triangles
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Picture of Vehicles Odometer showing milage

The vehicle dash must be clear of an ABS malfunction indicator light as regulated by FMCSR 393.55

Breakaway Cable Properly Connected

FMCSR 393.43 regulates emergency braking. The breakaway cable must be connected to the frame of the truck. Connecting to DOT approved hooks affixed to the frame of the truck is compliant.

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E-Logs properly connected

FMCSR 395.15 regulates automatic on board recording devices aka elogs. 

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