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Why drive for Chronicle

Updated: May 17, 2021

We at Chronicle Logistics are a small company that has worked diligently to provide a seamless opportunity for drivers of all likes. Weather you want to remain local in your area or hit the road, we want drivers to begin operating with as little delay and difficulty as possible. As a company developed by drivers and for drivers, we understand not only the day to day tasks and sometimes hardships of drivers but also the want and drive, pun intended, to be better both financially and as and independent operator. This is why we have created opportunities where drivers generate great earnings not only through driving for CL but also through added value benefits exclusive at Chronicle Logistics

More Opportunity To Earn

We provide each of our drivers with a complete and simple platform to promote Chronicle Logistics Services to prospective drivers and customer. With promotions that convert to business, drivers earn additional income for simply going about there day. We find that customers and prospective drivers approach CL operators with inquiries during their normal daily operations and activities. However, for the savvy driver who is looking to be proactive, you now have a chance to conveniently work a second job all while doing your primary.

More Opportunity To Save

Unlike many other small companies we also have retirement services available for our owner operators. Not only do we have an opportunity for simple IRA accounts, we are in the development stage of an investment firm that will offer owner operators an opportunity to invest in financial markets through small deductions of their weekly settlements. Coupled with our Ambassador program and a simple IRA account, we are positioning our owner operators for financial longevity.

A Better Way To Do Business

The ownership and management of Chronicle Logistics is dedicated to the success of all drivers and employees. We want to give everyone the opportunity to do more and earn more. But most importantly, we also believe in the importance of support, assistance, and respect. As a company developed by drivers for drivers, we understand what it is like dealing with dispatcher and administration. This is why we provide all of our administrators and dispatchers with driver sensitivity training. Not to say drivers are sensitive but on the contrary, it is far too often that companies are insensitive. Something as simple as a good morning before we start talking business can go a long way.

There is much more that we do and provide but at the base of it all, we care. We care that our drivers spend, in some cases, the majority of their savings on getting started. We understand how much work it takes to get everything ready to begin making money. This is why have a genuine interest in assisting each prospective and current driver with everything necessary to become successful. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. You may also watch a short video and learn more at:

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