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US LIMA New Driver Package

US LIMA New Driver Package

Package comes included with 1 of each:


  • Pair of Vehicle Signs/Decals (DOT Legal Size) (Black signs for white trucks and Vice Versa, please choose color)
  • Fire Extinguisher Inside Sign (Sign only)
  • 4 Number Stickers (2 For Truck and 2 For Trailer)
  • Elog Device
  • VGA To OBD II Connection Cord
  • Cab Binder (Included With Required Operating Documents)
  • Set of 8 Carbon Copy Paper Logs
  • Fuel Card
  • Apportioned Plates (May ship seperately)



    Enter promo code "Payroll" at checkout for deductions over 4 weeks. Payroll deductions require a 3 day wait before package is sent.


    Buy now and have the package sent within 24hrs.


    The elog device, camera, and apportioned plates are lease only and must be returned upon contract severance. These items also carry a weekly service cost to be deducted from statements. No refunds will be issued. 


    You are not required to purchase this package. You may acquire these items yourself and submit necessary verification to Chronicle Logistics before authorization to operate is granted. Apportioned plates and a fuel card will be sent thereafter.

Vehicle Sign Color
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