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This Is Not The 
Do you have any form of criminal conviction from the past 7 years?
Do you have any accidents or violations on your record within the past 3 years?
Do you have any experince working in the office of a trucking company?
Do you have any office experience?
Are you proficienct in computer functions and programs such as word, excel, and powerpoint?
Would you consider yourself a good comunicator both verbally and in writing?
Would you consider yourself a fast typer?
Are you good at following directions? Can you pick up on information quickly?
Would you consider yourself creative, innovative and intuitive?
Would you consider yourself a problem solver?
Do you operate well under pressures like those of the office environment: Several calls, emails, tasks to complete, and people depending on you?
Do you ever notice yourself cutting others off while they speak?
Are you 26 years or older?
Can you pass a drug screen?
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